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Safe, Fun, and Goal-Oriented

Achieve Your Goals And Become The Dressage Rider You Want To Be.

We know you have goals for your riding – whether it’s a perfect 20-meter canter circle or a line of tempi changes. We can help you master your skills and have fun while doing it. You need qualified instructors with safe, willing schoolmasters to teach you.

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At Lindinhof, We Offer A Program Unlike Any Other.

You’ll experience …

Exceptional Schoolmasters

Horses that are safe and knowledgeable with a willingness to teach. You can focus on improving your riding on a horse that already knows and loves his job. And with a string of horses from 4th level to Grand Prix, you have lots of opportunities to ride different horses as your skills progress.

Qualified Instructors

Patient, well-educated teachers who expertly communicate with you to perfect movements and progress at your own rate.


Dressage follows a natural progression of levels based on the difficulty of the movements and our program does too. We can teach you from the foundational basics through the more advanced upper levels.

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Learn To Be A Skillful Rider The Lindinhof Way …

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More Confidence

Knowledge that you are learning correctly and can trust your instincts when you ride. Confident that your skills will translate to other horses. Find more Confidence in horses, because Lindinhof has many school horses to take lessons on to experience different gaits as well as movements!  Being able to handle different horses is a huge confidence builder!

Goal Oriented

Satisfaction in riding well and the opportunity to do so much more. This can be the starting point to leasing one of the school horses or buying your own. We will develop a plan with you so that you know where you’re going and meet with you to adjust it as necessary. 


Master the skills to be successful in whatever way that looks to you! Whether you are a new rider just starting out, an experienced rider looking to up your game, or a rider who takes some lessons to perfect a movement their horse is just learning – we can help you reach your goals.


Enjoy spending time with our horses during your ride and the bond you will share. Just being around horse cheers us up and puts a smile on our face.  We want to give all students a safe and peaceful environment to have fun and enjoy being around our well handle horses!

You Want To Learn To Ride The Right Way On Nice, Safe Horses, But You Feel Like …

You’re tired of not making any progress. You ride the same horse every week and you wish he could do more.

You’ll have to buy your own horse, which you can’t afford, so you won’t get hurt on one of the snarky school horses … again

Why is it so hard to find a dressage lesson program that is run like a business, the instructors don’t yell at you, and have a variety of nice, safe lesson horses that you can grow your skills with and have fun?

Love Your Barn Time And Reach Your Full Potential Too.

Enjoy learning! More horses at different levels enable you to make more progress.

Understand that your schoolmaster knows and loves his job teaching you. That allows you to focus on your development and not worry about the progress of your horse.

Know that you can continue to grow in the program with different horses, and if you develop a strong bond to one special horse, you can lease him.

Feel assured that the school horses are healthy, well-cared for, and a safe, willing partner for you no matter what level you’re are riding at.

Know that our instructors are professionals. You can expect open communication and respect. We will discuss your goals with you and create a custom plan that can be adjusted according to your progress.

While every rider is on their own journey, you are part of a community that supports each other’s goals and has fun together.

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I Can Take You On This Journey…

I’m Megan McIsaac, a certified USDF instructor and FEI competitor, and I’m joined with a team of well-qualified instructors to help you achieve your dreams of riding dressage.

At Lindinhof, we have  8 safe, schoolmasters that can teach you movements from beginners to advanced. Horses and riders are expertly paired for lessons and if you find yourself drawn to one of our special horses, leases are also available.

Here’s How It Works

What You Can Expect From The Lesson Program

Step 1

Start on the lunge line to learn balance and relaxation. (All students start here.)

Step 2

Progress to figures and steering off the lunge line.

Step 3

As you perfect movements, you will be paired with appropriate horses to build confidence.

Step 4

Continue progressing to more difficult movements and levels.

Step 5

Enjoy your skills and confidence!

(each session is approximately 45min - 1hr long)

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Get Started!

Lessons are given in our Olympic-sized indoor arena with its wonderful footing and mirrors, and is temperature controlled. Each session is approximately one hour, and we ask that students come 30-45 minutes early, so that they can groom and tack up their lesson horse. Well-trained lesson horses are available for those without a horse, and for those who wish to expand their riding knowledge by riding different horses.

Leasing - Want to ride a horse, but maybe not own it and have all the responsibility? Have you thought about leasing a horse? We have several school horses from 3rd-Grand Prix available for lease. No hassling with the vet, farrier or other bills. The lease includes lessons and enjoyment of your equine partner without the hassle! Some leases include the option to compete!

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How Can I Help You?

Interested in becoming a student?

Fill out the form on our contact page.

We’ll get back to you in 48 hours.

We’ll arrange a lesson with you.

Enjoy your lesson and celebrate.


Great Choice to Get Back into Riding – Lindinhof Exceeded My Expectations!
“Kudos to Lindinhof! Having my horse in training with Megan has been a great experience. After an 18-year hiatus from horses I chose Lindinhof to help me get back to riding.

The training, rider instruction and horse care exceeded my expectations.
Thank you Megan and Lindinhof staff for all you do!"

Jana Marlett

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"As my pony healed, I wanted to take instruction on school horses that would help me solidify correct basics and symmetry.  This would help me to get my pony off to a better and more correct rehab.


Megan and her team of wonderful school horses have done just that.  Each lesson brought a better understanding of how I was sitting crooked, displacing weight, holding tension, not releasing, and more.  The horses are safe, and so well trained.  Each one that I have ridden has a special teaching gift:  one helps with elastic connection, one tells me I'm too tense, one helps me feel the correct bend.  Megan has a great eye and she always seems to have a 6th sense of which horse will help me next.


In addition to working with Megan, I have taken wonderful lessons on the lunge with Halle instructing.  This has been a great change of pace for me in the winter to be able to just concentrate on my own balance and strength.


Another great benefit at Lindinhof is their newly built Fitness Academy for riders.  Resident fitness instructor Arnulfo "Avey" Virtusio has truly helped me to be a stronger, more balanced, and flexible rider.  He has helped me to feel where my asymmetries are stemming from.  Becoming more fit has helped me to be a more compassionate and feeling rider.

Lindinhof Academy is a true gift for our horse riding community."

Holly Beach

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