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Unparalleled Quality and Service Makes Your Choice Easier.

Safe, Talented, And Fun To Ride – Everything You Need In Your Dressage Partner!

At Lindinhof, we know you want to feel confident and well-informed when you buy your next dressage partner. We strive to make searching for the right fit a fun experience and as stress-free as possible.

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You’ll Experience …

Quality Horses

Our beautiful, talented sales horses are selected for their calm temperament, comfortable gaits, good education, and sensible minds. Most of the sales horses, 3rd level to Grand Prix, have been imported from Denmark and you will have several to choose from and try during your visit to Lindinhof.

Private Atmosphere

We want you to ride and go through this process in a quiet environment. Bring your trainer to help you, but don’t expect an audience when you ride. At Lindinhof, you are invited to a private showing with our sales horses. This is your time to get to know the horses and ask questions.

Friction-Free Sales

We want you to be confident with your purchase and are happy to provide x-rays to help you decide. It’s our goal to be completely open and honest to ensure the ideal partnership.

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I Believe …

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Buying a horse is a big decision and the last thing I want you to feel is rushed and pressured.

We create a private experience that is calm and relaxed so that you feel confident in your decision.

It’s my goal that buyers are well informed and I’m happy to provide x-rays to help with buying decisions.

Ultimately, I want buyers to love the horses they buy and develop successful happy relationships with them.

You’re Looking For The Horse Of Your Dreams, But You Feel Like All You’re Seeing Is Nightmares…

Buying a horse is a big investment and you’re just not sure you can trust the horse seller after all the negative stories you’ve heard.

It sounds exactly like what you want in the ad, but when you get on – it’s more Training level than Fourth level.

You want to trust the seller, but you’re sure hiding something and they never bothered to get you the x-rays when you asked.

You’re tired of driving from farm to farm looking at one inappropriate horse after another with sellers you don’t trust.

You just wish you could go to one place that you knew you could trust with multiple horses for sale!

Operating with Honesty & Integrity

Experience the Lindinhof Approach to Horse Sales And See How Pleasant Buying A Horse Can Be.

Feel confident with open communication and x-rays provided.

Understand that you’ve taken the time in a low pressure, quiet environment to know the horse will be a good fit for you.

Know that your new horse is a safe, sensible teacher who will be a willing and reliable partner.

Discover a new way of buying a horse that is stress-free, hassle-free, and even fun.

Become part of a community that offers support after the purchase and celebrates your success.

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“I’m off to a great start on this new adventure!”

“I recently purchased a horse from Megan at Lindinhof Equine Sports Zentrum and had a wonderful experience from start to finish. Megan was very thorough every step of the way.

I purchased an incredibly trained horse, which was a step up for me. Megan was willing to coach me through a ride before I purchased. She was also available for lessons as I got to know my new horse.

Megan was very helpful in pointing me to the right people to fit a new bridle and saddle for my new horse. I am off to a great start on this new adventure!

I would definitely recommend Megan and Lindinhof to help you find your next unicorn!”

Laura Johnson

Superior Service

Here’s What You Can Expect…

Selecting your next partner is not a quick decision. We anticipate that this process will take at least 2 days at Lindinhof.

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Day 1: Presentation

Each horse is in show attire - braided, white pad and wraps

Already tacked and ready to ride

Introduction – Meet the prospect

Decision to ride – We traditionally ride the horse first, so that you can see the horse before you or your trainer ride, but this is your day and it's up to you.

Additional Rides – Decision for you or your trainer to ride the horse

Presentation of the Next Horse – same process for each

Day 2: As You Wish

This is YOUR day. Choose to do what you want to get to know the horse.

Horse is not braided

You can groom and tack up the horse

You and/or your trainer ride the horse


We will provide x-rays

We will discuss our maintenance program to ensure you are comfortable providing the same care


Simple bill of sale

Registration SOP for Danish Horses

Ongoing support after the purchase

I Can Guide You On This Journey…

I’m Megan McIsaac, owner and operator of Lindinhof Equine Sports Zentrum. In addition to training horses and teaching lessons, I have a passion for importing wonderful horses that would be suitable for nearly every rider.

Since 2003, I have sold more than 40 horses to their perfect fit rider. It’s a skill to recognize not only what the rider needs, in a relatively short amount of time, but which horse they will match with best.

I strive to be as accommodating as possible to enable buyers to feel comfortable and confident in their decisions. It’s my goal to offer buyers a trustworthy place to find a high quality horse that they can enjoy for years to come.


“Professional, Patient, & Sincerely Wants the Horse & Rider to be a Good Fit”

Megan was so patient and helpful with me when purchasing a horse from her. It was obvious that she sincerely wants to make sure the horse and the rider are a good fit.

After the sale, she was always available if I had a question. And then, the following year, when I wanted her to assist with some training, she was happy to work with me again. Her communication is good and she and her assistants take excellent care of the horses.

I have been very satisfied in my dealings with Megan. She is a true professional and a talented horse woman! 

I highly recommend her.

Nancy Gerrard

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How Can I Help You?

Interested in our sales horses?

Check out our sales page.

Reach out to us.

We’ll get back to you in 48 hours.

We’ll schedule a showing with you.

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Video Testimonials

For Sales And Training

"Hi, I'm Lisa. I'm a client at Lindinhof, and this is Overgaard's Pamenov, my horse, who is in training here at Lindinhof. He is a 15-year-old Danish gelding fondly referred to as Pami. March is a special month because it's the anniversary of when I purchased Pami and he came home to Lindinhof in 2015.

Every year, I celebrate Pamiversary month. I wanted to share with you what it was like to purchase a horse. My first horse, my only horse I ever owned through Lindinhof. I had booked a trip for Megan McIsaac and I to go horse shopping in the US. And then in between, she had a trip pre-booked already to Denmark. I talked to her and said, while you're in Denmark look around. She actually texted me seven years ago today, March 13, 2015, and said, I found you a horse, and it was Pami. So Megan sat on him, tried him, and sent me some pictures. We had one phone conversation, and she sent me a little bit of video. I took a couple of hours, thought about it, and texted her back, I'm buying the horse. I never sat on him.

I never laid eyes on him in person. I bought him on Megan's recommendation. She was the professional.

We have a great relationship, a long relationship. She knew me. She knew what I wanted. I have never had any question that I needed to be there, that I needed to do any of that. It, frankly, made it far less stressful for me.
I had complete faith in her, and he's been great, obviously.

We're going into our second season at Grand Prix this year, and I had goals for showing when I purchased him. We've accomplished a lot of them. I love this horse. My whole heart. And I think all of you horse people out there know what that means.

I'm just so grateful for Megan, for her expertise in finding this horse for me, who was a great fit and then having him here in training, just being there every day, putting her whole heart and soul into keeping my horse happy and healthy and going his best, so I can relax and enjoy him and not try to be an expert in things I have no training in and no expertise.

Let her do that so it works out great for everyone. I spend my time and effort loving on him, and she spends all her time and effort keeping him in great shape and working with us to accomplish our goals. But mostly, I'm just so happy to have this big guy to love in my life. So life is short, people. Buy the horse, but please do it with the help of a skilled and talented professional that you trust, because that is your best chance for a happy ending like mine."

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