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Serving Breeders Throughout the U.S.

Qualified, Patient Dressage Training For Your Young Horse. Let’s Start Them Right.

We know that as breeders, you want to see your horses succeed.
You want to watch the potential of your young horses grow and excel into a successful career.
You do your best to give them an excellent start and now you can continue by working with Lindinhof for training.
We know you have a lot invested and don’t take your trust in us lightly.
Our horses in training are treated just like one of our own – with quality training, care, and team support.

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Let Us Transform Your Raw Talent Into The Well-trained, Dressage Horse Of Your Dreams.

While your horse is in training at Lindinhof, we’ll …

Reveal and develop the best in your horse’s natural ability and movement.

Discuss a custom training plan, expectations, and updates along the way.

Treat your horse with exceptional care and expose him to a holistic, well-rounded training experience so that he stays happy and healthy while he learns.

Share your horse’s successes so you’ll be as proud as we are.

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You Want Your Horse To Have The Best Training And Care, But You Might Feel That…

*It’s not always easy to know who to trust with your horse after working with people who didn’t work out in the past.

*You can’t find a trainer that actually adheres to a program that gets the results you want.

*Your trainer doesn’t communicate often enough with you and you aren’t quite sure what progress your horse is making or what the plan is going forward.

With Us, You’ve Found Professional, Proven
Training Successes You Can Count On

Feel in control of the training journey through a custom plan, regular updates and discussions.

Develop a professional relationship built on honesty and integrity that always puts the horse first.

Feel pride for all your horse has accomplished – big and small successes. We’ll be cheering too!

Together, we foster happy, healthy horses who enjoy their jobs and turn into willing and fun partners.

I Can Guide You On This Journey…

I’m Megan McIsaac and I've been riding and training horses for more than 30 years. I opened Lindinhof in 2000 to develop a dressage training program based on German methods and a reputable sales facility with high quality imports.

Training horses is a real passion for me. I enjoy the process of how the horses learn and progress. It’s especially satisfying to share in the successes and accomplishments of a horse I’ve trained.

In our barn, the horses are treated with exceptional care and attention by an entire team to ensure their health and happiness.

Here’s What To Expect When Your Horse Comes To Lindinhof For Training.

When a new horse comes into our facility, we take the time to get to know him or her. We want to understand the whole horse, its strengths, its weakness, its personality, as well as its abilities and of course your goals as owner.

Medical history, past training, and any physical/emotional issues are examined and taken into consideration. We consider it vital that we discuss with you your dreams for the horse, so that all expectations are clearly understood. After that, I will design an individualized training program.

Monthly fees cover:

Purina Feed /hay

Daily stall cleaning (10x12 matted)


Training five days a week

Leg and tendon care


Our new 200 ft x 80 ft heated indoor riding arena

Individual Lockers for horse and rider

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How Can I Help You?

Interested in training services?

Fill out the form on our contact page.

We’ll get back to you in 48 hours to discuss your specific needs and how we can help.

Enjoy watching your horse progress and improve!

Bringing Out the Best in Young Horses

“I wouldn’t trust anyone else to train my babies in the beautiful art of dressage.


You have such a beautiful way with them and are an incredibly talented trainer.

You have brought out the best in all of them. We have had so much fun along the way! I’m so excited for Isla’s future with you!!!!!! Thank you!!!”

Sue Neipert

Sue Neipert’s 4-year-old Friesian mare, bred by Sue and in training at Lindinhof.

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